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For over 100 years, the Schmid & Wezel company has stood for the highest level of precision,

quality and cooperation in a spirit of partnership.

Who we are

After the Schmid & Wezel company was founded in 1919, the "BIAX" brand was created in 1921, derived from the original product, the Biegsame Welle (BIegsame AX(chs)e).


In the 1930s, the BIAX product technology and experience from the development and production of hand-guided tools for metalworking was transferred to the meat processing application area. This resulted in the product line with the brand name "EFA", short for "Electric Flying Apparatus", which describes the characteristic of the machines to hang ready to hand on spring balancers and to be moved easily and quickly despite their high weight.

The company

For over 100 years, Schmid & Wezel has now stood for the highest quality and exemplary service. The brands "BIAX" and "EFA" are held in high esteem internationally in their respective segments; in the field of slaughtering and cutting, "EFA" even has a leading position in the world market.

Innovative product solutions, high quality of workmanship, comprehensive service and the long availability of spare parts enable an exceptionally long service life of EFA products, not infrequently over 20 years.


 "Made in Germany" is considered by "EFA" as a quality promise for sustainable, reliable and always up-to-date products.

Based on our tradition, we will do our utmost today and in the future to continue to offer suitable product solutions and to expand our position in the world market.


Our network of EFA dealers all over the world, with whom we have a long-standing partnership, are a guarantee for this.


Schmid & Wezel has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1997.

As a solid medium-sized company with a contemporary corporate structure, with up-to-date machinery and with loyal, motivated and highly valued permanent staff, we look to the future with confidence.


The continuous further development of the product range by an experienced design team in close cooperation with specialists from the meat industry, technical institutes and our customers, as well as competent and long-standing specialists in production, guarantee the efficiency and consistently high quality of our products.

In addition to competent support and advice from trained specialist personnel all over the world, we offer our customers comprehensive specialist service, the rapid execution of maintenance, servicing and repair work, product, repair or user training and the prompt and long-term provision of spare parts and accessories.


The BSFZ seal is provided exclusively to companies that conduct research and development as defined by the Research Grants Act. Currently, the following areas are focused on:

- Oil free pneumatics

- Animal welfare

- Slaughter safety

- Robotics



Foundation of the machine factory by Dipl. Ing. Richard Schmid and Walter Wezel in Stuttgart.


Introduction of the BIAX brand - synonymous with flexible shafts.


Move to Maulbronn into a new factory building.


EFA meat processing machines become a new product line.


When Mr. Hans-Georg Wezel takes over the management of the company, the production of flexible shafts is extended to compressed air and butchery machines.


Dipl.-Kfm. Ulrich Merkle becomes managing partner. Thus, the third family generation takes over the management of the company.


Certification of the company according to DIN-ISO 9001.


Construction and occupation of a new production and administration building.


Certification of the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000.


Schmid & Wezel presents tools for automation in slaughtering and cutting at IFFA, in Frankfurt/Main.



After more than 30 years of successful operation worldwide, production of the EFA 44 halving saw is discontinued. It is replaced by the powerful, modern EFA band saws of the equally successful SB series, which meet the changed hygienic requirements.


On the occasion of the IFFA in Frankfurt, the new EFA products, EFA 900 hand derinder, EFA 750 fish scaler and the new SB 325 E halving saw with a new type of control system, will be presented.


Further development in the field of Sevo Sychron motors for cutting saws and electric trimmers for the meat industry, as well as in the products VB 315 stunner and SB 325 E halving saw.


On the occasion of IFFA 2013, EFA presents the new EFA Long Life Trimmer electric and pneumatic, with flexible shaft and servo synchronous motor. Also presented will be a new skinner PLE 10, the SK 18 S cut-off saw with servo synchronous motor and the new VB 315 stunner.


Extension of the trimmer program to the products: Trimmer 90 / 130 Pneumatic.


Presentation of the new SB 325 E cattle halving saw.


Further development of the SB 326 E cattle halving saw with 2 hand protection switches.

Improvement of the breastbone saw EFA 66 to the new model EFA 67 Longlife.

Revision and further development of the electric trimmer.


Revision and further development EFA SK 18 S cutting saw with servo synchronous motor.

Successful and published, scientific studies on the anesthetic effect of our VB 315.


The new managing director will be Mr. Torsten Wiesenmaier, who has been an authorized signatory of the company since 2013.

Introduction of the highly successful electro stunning system EFA VBE - 6.

Use of the new RZ - 100 pneumatic rib puller.

Development of the VBDK pressure monitoring system.

Safety revision of the one-hand pliers program.

Standardized weight adjustment of the one-hand pliers program.

Expansion of our dealer network in China and Canada.

JUBILARY - 100 years of Schmid & Wezel.


Introduction of the new SB 327E bovine bisecting saw.

Further development of the very successful VB 316 pneumatic bolt gun.

Market launch of the company's own suction system for rectal drills.

Investment in new media to keep in touch with our customers in the old tried and tested way.

Extension of the EFA Trimmer program with a back mark remover (EFA RME).

Greatest concerted effort to implement Corona rules in the office as well as in the field in order to maintain our system relevant operations.

Another patent application for a breakthrough product that we will launch in the international market in 2021.

Expansion of our dealer network in the USA with Ultra Source.


On the occasion of IFFA 2022, EFA will present the new further development of the VBDK compressed air control unit for recording pneumatic stunning.

Furthermore, EFA presents the new rectum cutter for turkeys and poultry.


Introduction of the new generation of the Electronic Stunning System VBE 7 for the stunning traps with heart electrode and VBE 8 for the Automatic Residual Trainer.



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